October 2019

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Conflicting VIBs when upgrading ESXi to 6.x

Environment Dell M630 Blade vCenter ESXi 6.7.0update03-14320388.x86_64-DellEMC_Customized-A00 Problem When upgrading VMware vSphere and your ESXi hosts to version 6.7u3 you may experience an error similar to: The upgrade contains the following set of conflicting: LSI_bootbank_scsi-mpt3sas_04. Remove the conflicting VIBs or use Image Builder to create a custom ISO.” – Funny i am using the custom Dell ISO which is strange as it works on other hosts in the cluster… i have noticed that it could be to do with the fact that my local disks are not showing I’ve not had chance to circle back on this yet. Resolution Always have a backup of your configuration just in case! […]

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A problem occurred while – Starting VMware Authentication Framework…2%

Environment vCenter 6.7u3 Problem I am trying to deploy a 2nd VCSA to an exisiting SSO Domain I get the following error A problem occurred while – Starting VMware Authentication Framework…2%   Resolution (workaround) Follow the steps in the following KB from VMware Ensure you have a Snap Shot! https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/74678?lang=en_US&queryTerm=join+existing+sso+domain ethtool -K eth0 gso off ethtool -K eth0 tso off i did this on both source and destination servers just to be safe Proceed with your deployment!       If you run into problems i would suggest opening a SR with VMware support as i have had nothing but problems personally    

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A general system error occurred: vim.fault.GenericVmConfigFault

Environment vCenter 6.7u3 Veeam Tintri EC6070 Windows Server 2012 R2 Client Machine Problem So i have had a few Veeam backup jobs fail with the following error: Processing <Virtual Machine> Error: A general system error occurred: vim.fault.GenericVmConfigFault Within vCenter i also see the same error when trying to delete the snapshot. I tried creating and deleting a snapshot and i got the same error: Resolution WARNING: be careful of the files you are dealing with! Open the Datastore where your Virtual Machine is hosted and create a new folder i called my _JB_Temp Open your virtual machine directory Move the following files to the temp folder *.vmsd *.vmsn (VM […]