A general system error occurred: vim.fault.GenericVmConfigFault


vCenter 6.7u3
Tintri EC6070
Windows Server 2012 R2 Client Machine


So i have had a few Veeam backup jobs fail with the following error:

Processing <Virtual Machine> Error: A general system error occurred: vim.fault.GenericVmConfigFault

Within vCenter i also see the same error when trying to delete the snapshot.

I tried creating and deleting a snapshot and i got the same error:


WARNING: be careful of the files you are dealing with!

Open the Datastore where your Virtual Machine is hosted and create a new folder i called my _JB_Temp

Open your virtual machine directory

Move the following files to the temp folder

    • *.vmsd
    • *.vmsn (VM Snapshot)

Then Delete All Snapshots

You should be able to create and delete snapshots and your backup jobs should now complete without error:

**Check on your datastore that all delta disks have been merged/deleted**

Once you are able remember to clean up the temporary folder on your datastore

If you still have problems i would suggest opening a SR with VMware Support

2 Comments on "A general system error occurred: vim.fault.GenericVmConfigFault"

  1. Pini Gubits | April 6, 2021 at 02:58 | Reply

    Thank you
    I had this problem and only your suggestion soved it

  2. I had the same problem with my Domain Controller VM. Any down tome was not possible on it. The above solution worked like a charm without having to turn the VM off.


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