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Environment Dell M630 Blade vCenter ESXi 6.7.0update03-14320388.x86_64-DellEMC_Customized-A00 Problem When upgrading VMware vSphere and your ESXi hosts to version 6.7u3 you may experience an error similar to: The upgrade contains the following set of conflicting: LSI_bootbank_scsi-mpt3sas_04. Remove the conflicting VIBs or use Image Builder to create a custom ISO.” – Funny i am using the custom Dell ISO which is strange as it works on other hosts in the cluster… i have noticed that it could be to do with the fact that my local disks are not showing I’ve not had chance to circle back on this yet. Resolution Always have a backup of your configuration just in case! […]

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Dell R610/R710 iDRAC Virtual Console not connecting

Environment: Workstation: Windows 7 Professional Internet Explorer 11 Java 1.8 Update 201 Server: Dell Poweredge R610 iDRAC 6 Firmware: 2.92 (Build 05) Lifecycle Controller Firmware: Problem When trying to connect to the Virtual Console on a Dell R610 (or any 11th generation Dell Server at this point) i have ran into multiple challenges getting the JAVA or ActiveX to work.  After many hours of trying to find a working solution here is what has worked for launching the JAVA console Solution Ensure you have a working copy of Java installed. On my system i am running Java 8 Update 201 Note: If you are running the default Dell signed […]