Windows Server 2016 Core – Allow ICMP Through Firewall

This post will show you the steps to allow ICMP through the Firewall

The following command will help show the different groups

Get-NetFirewallRule | Where { $_.DisplayGroup –Eq “firewall group”} | Format-Table

Replace firewall group with with the appropriate management group.  The ones that relate to remote management are:

group=”File and Printer Sharing”
group=”Remote Service Management”
group=”Performance Logs and Alerts”
group=”Remote Event Log Management”
group=”Remote Scheduled Tasks Management”
group=”Remote Volume Management”
group=”Remote Desktop”
group=”Windows Firewall Remote Management”
group=”windows management instrumentation (wmi)”

From here i will enter the following

Set-NetFirewallRule -Name “FPS-ICMP4-ERQ-In” -Enabled true
Set-NetFirewallRule -Name “FPS-ICMP6-ERQ-In” -Enabled true

and voila

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